So, here I am. I, once again, find myself waiting for the youngest to finish his Parkour session and having the chance to reflect on the week gone by. This week found myself on my own with a huge list of jobs to do.  My partner had taken the kids away for 5 days with […]

Well, it’s exactly one week since my first blog……. a lot happens in a week…….. I certainly managed to get a swim in; actually it was a really good swim.  Water was perfect and I was with good company.  My colleague is due to do Ironman Copenhagen in a few weeks and is using every […]

I’m not really sure how I must start this but I was told by a fellow blogger on WordPress that you’ve got to start somewhere and even if you only put your thoughts down, it is a start. Nobody needs to read it and I would wonder if they did would they even care. This […]